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10/03/2019 9:36 PM | Octavia Green (Administrator)

The Eleventh Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is extending the deadline for applications to fill the vacancies in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit created by the elevation of Judges William Altfield, Gina Beovides and Laura Shearon Cruz, and the resignation of Judge Samuel Joseph Slom. The commission requests that interested candidates submit an application for consideration. If an applicant would like to be considered for the four county court vacancies in addition to the circuit court vacancy, please send correspondence indicating interest in all county and circuit court vacancies to eleventhjnc@dadeschools.net. Applicants must meet the qualifications for county court judges described in Article V, Section 8, of the Florida Constitution. Applicants must submit three copies of their application by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15, as follows:

(1): The original unredacted paper application shall be delivered to:

Walter J. Harvey

School Board Attorney

The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida

1450 N.E 2nd Avenue, Suite 430

Miami, Florida 33132

(2): The original unredacted application shall be emailed  in .pdf format to: Walter.Harvey@dadeschools.net.

(3): A redacted .pdf of the application shall be emailed to eleventhjnc@dadeschools.net. Personal information not subject to public disclosure—such as the social security number—shall be redacted as permitted by Section 119.071 of the Florida Statutes.

Untimely applications will not be considered. The filename for .pdf applications should be as follows “19.09.30 FIRSTNAME LASTNAME Circuit Application (redacted /unredacted).”

Applicants are invited to provide the chair with a one-page sheet listing the date, location and time of hearings or trials that they would want the commissioners to observe. The one-page disclosure sheet is not mandatory and can be provided to the chair at any time before the interview day. No information other than the date, location and time should be provided on the one-page sheet.

Applications may be downloaded from The Florida Bar’s website and the Office of the Governor. Applicants should include a recent photograph.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: To assist the JNC in its review of applications, all questions must be fully and completely answered. Applications must include current contact information, including e-mail addresses, for judges, co-counsel, opposing counsel, and references to facilitate the background investigation that will be conducted by the members of the commission. Please print to .pdf in lieu of scanning where possible.


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