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Greetings to all of our members as we enter into this term. We face this new year with the nation at a crossroad in response to a resurgence of demand for a new era of civil rights. The nation has been galvanized in demanding a change in the way that we administer criminal justice in our nation. This call for action has been echoed around the world as other countries join in the efforts of our nation for equality, reformation and transparency. Our members have been active in this cry for justice in our local communities and neighborhoods. In some instances, you have led the call to action and participated in the peaceful demonstrations. In other instances, you have provided support services such as pro bono legal representation, organization of marches and the dissemination of information.  

Our commitment to the community compels us to continue to support those who would advocate for such change. However, a march is just a beginning. Peaceful protests are a great way of bringing attention to issues that we hold dear. But the work does not end with making a statement. It is not enough that we raise our voices, for what is a call to action without an action plan? In that regard we encourage and support dialogue with our members as to the best ways to advocate and move towards needed change. The challenges that have hindered us in the past should not prove an obstacle to the promises of our future. We acknowledge our community partners who have worked with us in the past and welcome future collaborations. We also value the cooperation of the other voluntary bar associations and look forward to continuing these relationships. 

I would remind our members that this is your organization and that we are here for you. We have a slate of programs planned for the coming year. However, we would also like to hear from you and receive your ideas for the coming year. Please continue to support this organization as we move forth in this coming term. If you have not yet done so, please update your membership profile and bring your dues current for the upcoming year. Also, I would ask that you join at least one committee as these groups form the blueprints for the plans of the upcoming year. We would like for you to join us as we continue to advocate for equal access, equal opportunity and equal justice in the legal system. 

I am fortunate to be working with a talented Executive Board and am grateful that they have volunteered their time and talents to this organization. I look forward to serving the members of this great organization and the community in which it serves. 


 Trelvis D. Randolph, 2020-2021 President

 Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Bar Association

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