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Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Bar Association

Cultivating Excellence & Inclusion in the Legal Profession

The best way to get involved is by joining a committee. We invite you to select one of the below committees as your area of service when joining the association or renewing your membership. If you have a project or area of interest that is not represented by the available committees, we would be happy to work with you in expanding our service to the community.

Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee administers the Association’s scholarship program.

Judicial Ratings Committee

The Judicial Ratings Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Board for the endorsement of judicial candidates and candidates for county-wide legal offices.  Such recommendations shall be based on candidate interviews and such other criteria as the Committee deems necessary and appropriate.

Note: Per the June 19, 2014 Amendment to the By-laws, this Judicial endorsement process was discontinued effective December 1, 2014. The organization is currently considering whether, and to what extent, judicial endorsements or support statements will be issued in the future.

Pro-Bono Committee

The Pro-Bono Committee plans and implements activities geared to promote the Association’s commitment to public service as set forth in Article X of the Constitution, and develops and implements processes for monitoring members’ participation, and recommend projects to be undertaken as approved by the Association. The Committee also establishes relationships with other associations and groups interested in pro bono programs.

Audit Committee 

The Audit Committee reviews the Association’s financial records on a semi-annual basis.  The Committee recommends a certified public accounting firm to conduct an audit and provides assistance to the assigned auditor; oversees the annual audit of the Association, the integrity of the Association’s financial accounting processes, the systems of financial internal controls, the use of Association’s assets, and the performance of the auditors; and serves as the liaison between the Association’s independent auditors and the Executive Board

Budget and Finance Committee 

The Budget and Finance Committee considers the Association’s financial needs, plans, evaluates, makes budgeting and general recommendation regarding financial policy to the Association and offer advisement on ways and means by which funds to meet the operating budget can be realized.  The Committee presents an operating budget for approval by the general membership, which must be approved by majority vote of the general membership no later than the third meeting of each fiscal year.  The Committee also plans and executes fundraising activities; pursues alternative funding sources from foundations, corporations, associations, and individuals; prepares a five (5) year plan to ensure the viability of the organization, recommends investments for the Association’s funds, coordinates with the Treasurer to project the Association’s financial needs, and works closely with the Association’s Executive Board to determine the long term needs of the members.

Election Committee 

The Election Committee oversees and supervises procedures for the election of Officers at annual election.  This Committee shall consist of five (5) members of the Association in good standing and are not be eligible for elected office in the upcoming election.

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee implements the guidelines for membership in the Association and promote the Association’s growth through planned activities to encourage persons eligible for membership to join the Association.  This committee also develops initiatives designed to increase the membership of the Association through membership campaigns and to provide financial stability and income to the Association.  This committee also develops innovative and attractive advertising promoting the Association and its advantages to the minority members of the law profession in South Florida as well as creates comprehensive strategy for membership recruitment and retention, solicitation of sponsorships and educating the general public regarding current legal issues and Association events and programming.

By-Laws Committee 

The By-Laws Committee reviews, evaluates, recommends and proposes changes to the Association’s by-laws.

Professional Growth and Development Committee 

The Professional Growth and Development Committee plans and implements programs designed to enhance the professional growth and skills of the members of the Association in delivering legal services.  This Committee reports the topics and participants of each legal education program held by the Association.

Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee selects those members of the Association, judiciary, legal professional, or community at large who will be recognized and honored by and in the name of the Association for their contribution(s) to the Association, legal community, or the community at large.

Issues Committee 

The Issues Committee assists the Executive Board in preparing the positions of the Association on issues of local and national concern which may impact or affect the Association or its purpose as set forth in the Association’s By-Laws.

Gala Committee

The Gala committee is responsible for organizing and executing the Ferguson Bar Foundation’s Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala

Communications Committee

The Communications committee serves as the primary source of the Association’s internal and external communications and works to ensure that all communications are aligned with organizational and strategic goals.  This committee is responsible for managing the Association’s website, social media presence and electronic communications with members and supporters.  This committee also solicits and prepares articles and profiles for publication; helps identify and secure advertisers and sponsors to help underwrite production and publication costs.

Events Committee

The Events Committee works to plan effective, educational, and fun events throughout the year.  This committee works collaboratively to support the programs and initiatives of other committees to increase member participation, ensure effective and smooth execution of Association events and maximize Association visibility and branding in connection with co-sponsored activities.

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